What is Wellness?

Wellness. You’ve heard it everywhere, especially within the marketing tactics of many businesses trying to sell you their version of it. But what exactly is “wellness”?

Here’s the deal. “Wellness” is not a product. It is not something you can buy, and oftentimes buying something won’t get you there on its own. So why are companies trying to sell it to you?

The truth is, because you’ll buy it.

More often than not we are targets of clever advertising campaigns, designed over months of careful market research by very talented teams. These companies know what people want, so they create or re-brand a product to fit what we’ve all been asking for. It’s smart, but is it what we need?

Let’s take a step back and talk about what “wellness” actually means. A quick Google search will tell you that wellness is “the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.” So we have a very broad term essentially meaning, “the pursuit of health.” How could that possibly be the same for everyone?

News flash: it can’t.

The things that make me feel well and aid in my “pursuit of health,” as we are referring to it, could be completely different than yours. AND THAT’S OKAY. We are different people, after all! I feel a sense of wellness when I am being kind to my body and feeding it properly, when I am working hard and managing stress, and when I am maintaining healthy relationships with those I care about.

The reason my tagline is, “Where wellness meets intuition” is because I don’t believe one can exist without the other.

I think that you, as an individual, need to think critically about what you consume, whether that be a service, product, or an idea. I believe in what I do and the services & products I offer, but I also know that these things are not for everyone. I would never want someone to invest in something they didn’t think was right for them, simply because they saw a convincing advertisement for it. Which is where intuition comes in.

So now what? I will leave you with a challenge.

Every time you are mulling over a purchase or a lifestyle change, I want you to ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. Can I afford this? (Will I be able to support myself financially and be in line with my financial priorities if I do?)

  2. Why do I want this? (Is it because of an ad? Someone on social media?)

  3. Will this improve myself and/or the Earth? (Is it something that is sustainable & ethical? Will this support a healthy view of myself?)

Together (and through critical consuming), I think we can all pursue health in a better way… don’t you?