How to Love the Clothes You Own

A few days ago I asked on my Instagram what you guys struggle with when it comes to loving your closet. The overwhelming response was that you don’t enjoy dressing in your existing clothes, or have a hard time styling them.

Well, my love, I’m here to help!

Before we get into it, I want to share my motivation for making a post like this. It’s not because I find myself some type of style guru, but because I think all of us need to rethink how we see our clothing. As a lot of us know by now, fast fashion is wreaking havoc on our planet and our fellow human. I think a lot of “sustainability influencers” have us under the impression that it takes a massive investment to be sustainable. 100% organic cotton trousers are great and while I agree that there are some fantastic low-zero waste products out there, they aren’t our only option.

Being sustainable can be just as simple as not. buying. anything! Not a simple feat in many areas but one of them can be clothing. So let’s do this! You have a closet of great clothing… let’s get to work.

Tip #1

Pick a Silhouette

We all have at least one “template” of fit that we like. I’m not talking about dressing for your body shape (whatever that means), but more so a silhouette that you think is flattering. For me that means A-Line, which is essentially tight to accentuate my chest & waist and then a flared skirt from my waist down. This means that when I’m putting pieces together, I can use this little formula to make a quick & easy outfit! Tight top + flared skirt = silhouette I know I like. Some other ideas for you could be:

  • Bodycon (formfitting top/bottom)

  • Floaty (loose, tent dress or flowing tops with traditional jeans/shorts)

  • Comfy always (pick the comfiest bit- top or bottom, and make the other an accent! This could be jeans and a T-shirt, athleisure leggings with a cute off-the-shoulder top or a body suit with joggers.)

Tip #2

Pull Out a Color

Whether we like to admit it or not, we probably have more than one piece of clothing with an almost identical color (hint: black counts). We also will instinctively buy things that have accent colors which match this. For me, I love pink and I love yellow. So I can pull the yellow from the print by matching it with something else yellow, or I can match the black in the print to a staple piece!

Tip #3

Layer Year-Round

If you ask any of my fellow autumn lovers what one of their favorite things about the season is, most of them will say “THE CLOTHES! I love to layer!”

I don’t mean to startle you but I’m going to let you in on a secret… it doesn’t need to be cold to layer your clothes. Yes, light layers are great when it comes to a brisk hike or a chilly night out. When it comes to loving your existing closet, layering is a great way to customize something to feel like new.

Here’s how I customized a very old black swing dress using some tops I’ve had for ages.

This idea x the number of tops I have that go with black and sit under this dress = a TON of great “new” outfits!

Tip #4


This may seem too easy, but re-accessorizing a look you’re bored of can make it feel new. Making a usually formal dress casual with some trainers or spicing up a casual outfit with your fancy jewelry or some heels can help you see an old outfit in a new light. Here’s some ways I’ve used an old bandana to change my look!


Bag Scarf


Hair Tie




Hair Band

Last But Not Least….

Push yourself! The reason why our existing closet seems boring is because it is more of the same. Breaking outside of the outfits we’ve already created for ourselves can be hard to do and spark a surprising amount of self doubt. Just remember that even though it may be out of your norm, all that matters is how you feel in it. If you think something is cute or flattering then GO FOR IT.

As you embark on this project, you might also find that some things just aren’t very “you” and that’s okay. I’ve included some great resources for how to pass along and recycle clothing so we don’t let anything go into the landfill.

Keep me updated on how your style edit goes and tag me in you #oootd’s & if this is up your street let me know and I might do one for autumn/winter too!

Resources for Old or Unwanted clothing