A Weekend Away | Leadville

The other week one of my best friends Lucy came to visit from England. We got the gang together, packed our cars, and escaped the city to spend a weekend in Leadville. I decided to document the trip as a little memory book (mostly for me), but I really loved setting up the tripod and letting my camera snap away. We got some great candid shots and I didn’t have to take my attention away to stage anything. Deffo loving the “imperfect” format so let me know what you think!


We camped at Twin Lakes on Friday, which was stunnnning. The views were incredible and it was such a comfortable campsite!

LBCA 1.jpg
instax lake.jpg

We spent Saturday at the lake mooching around and swimming. The sun held out despite the forecast and it turned out to be the perfect day. Dunno about you but summer isn’t summer without a day spent swimming at a lake.

After the lake we checked into the cutest AirBnB to spend some time cooking and chilling together. The night included a very British cocktail (AKA Pimms) and I have to say I am a big fan. Might have to sort out another Pimms night before summer’s over!

JAL 2.jpg

Sunday was spent mostly driving back home but before we left we made sure to stop by the main stretch of Leadville to shop and visit the antique mall.

Seriously love an antique mall…

All in all it was a lovely trip and while I wish we had a few extra days to chill between the traveling, we’ll definitely be back next year!

2019-07-14 13_54_18.806.JPG
Bailey Christine