The Truth About Dermaplanes

Okay, I think it’s about time someone told the truth about the infamous Dermaplane.

The truth is… Dermaplanes are amazing! BUT. The only way to get the results of a Dermaplane… is to receive one.

That’s right- you will not get the same results a Dermaplane can offer you by shaving your face.

Now bear with me and I’ll show you what I mean.

If you’re like me, you have a trusted circle of people (especially online) who have given you great guidance on all things beauty, lifestyle, and beyond. Which is great to have! But no one can be an expert on everything. And that is where your friendly neighborhood aesthetician comes in.

In order to understand the difference between a close shave and a Dermaplane, first it’s important to understand what a Dermaplane is.

Dermaplaning is a service offered by certified & trained aestheticians (such as myself) and is considered an advanced exfoliation. Advanced exfoliation services are capable of removing multiple outer (if not all) layers of the stratum corneum (which is composed of 15-20 layers of flattened dead skin cells), while basic exfoliations are capable of disturbing or, in some cases, removing the topmost layers (depending on the product being used). Advanced exfoliation services are highly regulated by state and require the provider be certified in order to perform the treatment on clients. Dermaplane, Microdermabrasion, and Chemical Peels are among the list of these treatments.

So what does a Dermaplane do?

During a Dermaplane, your provider uses a surgical blade to gently scrape off the dead, keratinized cells and vellus hair (aka peach fuzz) from your face and neck. This will promote a healthy lifecycle for new skin cells, resolve textural concerns, promote scar reduction, and leave you glowing!

Shaving, well… it removes your hair.

All those beautiful, lovely, well-intentioned people online with perfect skin are experiencing a peach-fuzz-free existence. Removing this hair will help your products penetrate more effectively, leaving them to do the job you bought them for a little bit better. But shaving your face constantly will also produce more waste, AND open you up to bacterial infection due to buildup on your razor, especially if you are prone to breakouts. Without the exfoliation of a Dermaplane!

At this point, you’ve sat through enough of my lecture and you may still be on the fence. “But Baaaaileyy… I’ve seen the YouTube videos. Think of the beautiful people on the internet that shave every day, or use those Dermaplane tools from Amazon every few weeks. There must be something to it, surely?”

Let’s dive in and see exactly what there is to it!

First things first, The Tools.

I decided to test out a “Dermaplane” tool that I’ve seen all over social media which I purchased on Amazon (and is probably also available at Sephora and Ulta, let’s be honest). I didn’t want to use a razor because I know the result- shave a portion of your upper thigh where there’s usually peach fuzz, and there you have it.

On the left you’ll see the tool I bought on Amazon. Lots of plastic here.

On the right is a typical professional Dermaplane setup. A stainless handle and a sterile surgical blade.


Upon closer Look…

This, as you can tell, is a much sharper tool. The surgical blades we use in Dermaplane services are 100% sterile and must be disposed of in a designated sharps container, specifically because they interact with deeper layers of the stratum corneum than safety razors can.

The blade on this tool is serrated (and very dull). I can chalk this up to the manufacturer, or maybe this is a bad “batch”, bad design, yadda yadda. But one thing that is uniform for this tool and razors, is that there’s a guard. The razor cannot interact with deeper layers of dead skin. Hence the “safety” in “safety razor.”


In order to see what the fuss is about (and report back), I performed this service on myself using both tools. Also please excuse my smudgy mirror for I am flawed and so is the glass cleaner I used apparently.



Since the other tools didn’t result in much, I went over already treated areas & the remaining areas using my Dermaplane blade. Below is the result from about half my face. As you can see, there’s significantly more peach fuzz and dead skin removed using this tool. Keep in mind, this is with regular exfoliation.

After trying to use TWO razors on my cheeks and forehead, below is the result. Keep in mind that the design of this product makes it very hard to remove the hair, so there is some trapped on the razor.



So there you have it! Hopefully I’ve given you enough to think about before embarking on a new shaving routine, if nothing else. After my Dermaplane, my skin feels radiant, fresh, and glowing. The deep exfoliation will promote a healthier lifecycle for my skin, promote collagen production, and help my trusted products to be more effective.

If you want to get the benefits of a true Dermaplane, my books are open! I would love to show you just how fabulous this service can be.

Bailey Howes