Located within Timeless Laser Medical Spa & Aesthetics, I offer a multitude of treatments and services to treat the skin, body, and mind.

Focusing in full-body wellness, I believe that achieving a single goal is a matter of addressing a multitude of symptoms.

We are located conveniently off of i-25 and N Speer Blvd in Unit 6 of the 2785 N Speer complex.


For many years I struggled to manage my mental health. I tried everything from pharmaceuticals to management strategies to supplements and beyond, and nothing was helping me see through the cloud. That changed the moment I tried an herbal tincture at the recommendation of a trained herbalist. For the first time in 8 plus years, I was able to see through what my illness was telling me and really understand how to cope.

I decided then and there that if I could empower someone else to feel this engaged with their health, I would. I immediately enrolled in herbalism training and as time went on, my experience in the beauty industry propelled me into who I am now. Through the power of plants, well-rounded treatment, and education, I believe we all can make the best decisions for our own personal health and beauty journey.



Artemisia and Rue, General Herbalism Training

School of Botanical & Medical Aesthetics, Colorado Aesthetics Licensure

Herbalism Roots, Community Herbalist Training Program

Herbalism Roots, Advanced Herbalism Training Program- Graduation 2020





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